AV-ED offers an incredible opportunity to be introduced to the wonderful world of aviation! AV-ED's Discovery Flights are provided in our fleet of late model Cessna aircraft. The Discovery Flight is an entire aircraft piloting experience. Its fun and exciting!

We start with a briefing session with your friendly AV-ED flight instructor. During your briefing, you will learn about your airplane, its systems, and what makes airplanes fly. Finally the fun part, getting into your airplane and experiencing your first flight!



You will take the captain's seat of your aircraft and take off into the sky for a breathtaking flight around the local Washington DC countryside where you will assist your AV-ED Flight Instructor in the takeoff and landing of your airplane. While in the sky, your flight lesson will involve you taking the controls while your instructor teaches you the basics of how to fly the airplane! It's a truly awe-inspiring experience.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Washington DC countryside. The beautiful rolling hills, the distant mountains, and the sheer intensity of the power of the Washington DC area will truly captivate you, while giving you an amazing background to enjoy this truly amazing experience!


We offer two different discovery packages to choose from and you can even bring a friend. The price for a one hour AV-ED Discovery Flight experience starts at $179. For a small upgrade fee you can enjoy a two hour experience. You can a friend or family member for an additional $25.

An AV-ED Discovery Flight is a great way to get acquainted with flying and get started on a wonderful life-changing adventure! It also makes a great holiday gift, an amazing birthday or graduation gift, or just as a way to impress a friend or loved one.

AV-ED also offers a variety of gift certificates for flight and ground training. 

To purchase your AV-ED Discovery Flight, click the BUY NOW button. You will be taken to our Discovery Flight purchase page for you to choose your options. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email receipt which will be your pass for your AV-ED Discovery Flight. Be sure to bring your passport with you for your flight. If you are coming with a friend, make sure they bring their passport also. Passports are required per TSA regulations.