Welcome to the AV-ED Flight Academy

Leesburg and Winchester, Virginia

AV-ED began in 1977 when Dr. Don Robb, company founder, retired from the US Air Force and decided to channel his passion for aviation in a new direction. After obtaining his Ph.D. from George Washington University with a dissertation on aviation safety education, Dr. Robb incorporated the AV-ED Ground School and started teaching flying skills at ground schools at NOVA, Montgomery College and at a private location in Falls Church.


Dr. Robb's association with the Leesburg Airport (KJYO) began in 1981, when he joined forces with the owner of Janelle Aviation, the airport FBO. He served as Chief Flight Instructor for Janelle's flight school from 1981 until 1992. When Janelle departed the airport in late 1992, Dr. Robb acquired the company's flight school and formally established AV-ED Flight School in January 1993.

Since then, AV-ED Flight School has expanded its initial fleet of two C-152s and a C-172P into a fleet of more than a dozen well-maintained training and rental airplanes. The fleet includes primary trainers, high performance and complex aircraft, as well as a Piper Seminole for multi-engine training. In keeping with Dr. Robb's strong belief in the training value of simulators, AV-ED also has a FlyThisSim VX advanced simulator in Winchester and a state of the art FlyThisSim FM210 full visual flight simulator at Leesburg. AV-ED employs approximately over a dozen instructors and has more than 200 active students.

AV-ED continues to offer ground school courses at both airport locations in Leesburg and Winchester, Virginia.

FAA Testing through PSI / LaserGrade is offered at all locations.

AV-ED currently offers recreational pilot licenses, accelerated pilot license programs and airline transport pilot fast-track career commercial pilot programs. Give us a call today to discuss our training options and jump start your passion for flying while becoming an AV-ED Av8r!


AV-ED Flight Academy Leesburg - Headquarters

Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO) 1005 Sycolin Road Sterling/ProJet Building Leesburg, VA 20175 (703) 777-9252

  • M - F 9am to 7pm
  • S - S 8am to 6pm

AV-ED Flight Academy Winchester

Winchester Regional Airport (OKV) 615 Airport Road, Suite 101 Winchester, VA 22602 (540) 542-1123 (540) 542-1124 (fax)

  • M - F 9am to 5pm
  • S - S 8am to 5pm