AV-ED Flight Simulators

REDBIRD FMX1000 Simulator

The Redbird FMX1000 is located at our Leesburg office. The Redbird features state of the art visuals and has the ability to change between a glass cockpit and standard instruments. The Redbird is a one of a kind full motion simulator with capability for roll, pitch, and yaw. For the most realistic training on the ground you cannot do any better than the Redbird FMX1000 Simulator! For more information please visit the Redbird website.

Frasca 142 Simulator

Frasca 142 Simulator
Our Frasca 142 Simulator with computerized visual display, single-engine or multi-engine options, is located at our Tyson's Corner office. All the cockpit equipment, including flight, engine, and systems controls and indicators are modeled after actual aircraft parts, giving the user very realistic feedback. For more information on this simulator, visit the Frasca web site.

Elite Simulator
AT AV-ED Winchester, we have an Elite Simulator. For more information on the Elite family of simulators, visit the Elite web site.