Our Programs 

Certificate Minimum Age Medical Requirements Instruction Required Privileges
Student At least 16 Third class   Can solo with instructor's permission; valid for 24 months
Private At least 17 Third class 20 hours dual; 15 hours solo; ground training Passengers; day or night VFR; share expenses; valid indefinitely
Instrument At least a private pilot certificate Third class 125 hours total; 50 hours cross country; 40 hours actual / simulated instrument time; 15 hours dual; ground training May file instrument flight plan; valid indefinitely but recency req'd
Commercial At least 18 Second class 250 hours total; 10 hours in complex plane; 10 hours test prep; ground training May receive compensation as a pilot; valid indefinitely
Instructor At least 18 Second class Commercial or ATP; instrument rating; ground and flight instruction May give ground and flight instruction in accordance with FAA regulations; valid 24 months
Airline Transport Pilot At least 23 First class 1500 hours total; 250 hours PIC; 500 hours cross-country; 100 hours night; 75 hours actual or simulated instrument time, with at least 50 in actual flight Valid indefinitely


Our mission is to provide quality aviation training, aircraft rental, and pilot services.