Job Postings 

February 19, 2014

Job Title: Flight Instructor


RequirementsCFIA required; CFII & MEI desired.

Job Description:  Flight, ground and simulator instruction plus dispatch duties.

Application Deadlines:       04-07-2014; 05-05-2014; 06-09-2014.

Orientation Classes:           04-08-2014; 05-06-1014; 06-10-2014.

Employment Start Dates:   04-09-2014; 05-07-2014; 06-11-2014.

Salary:  Start at $20 per instructional hour with bonus system that can result in a monthly gross of $3500; $24 per instructional hour after six-month performance review.

Benefits:  Workers compensation for all employees; medical benefits available after 45 days.

Hours:   700-900 hours per year typical for instructors headed for the airlines.


Company Name:  AV-ED Flight School, Inc.

Address:  Leesburg Executive Airport, 1001 Sycolin Road SE, Suite 3, Leesburg, VA.

State:  VA

Zip:  20175


Number of New Positions:  Two per month through June 2014; three one per month through Sep 2014.  (One-half of newly employed instructors are to be based at AV-ED Flight School, Winchester, VA and one-half at AV-ED Flight School, Leesburg, VA).

Phone:  703 777 9252    FAX:  703 777 1439




Contact Person:  Don Robb


Application/Interview Requirements:  1. Resume Required to include citizenship, age, height, weight, GPA, hours of flight instruction given, date of most recent instruction given, date of last flight as a pilot/instructor and date applicant would be available to begin flight instruction; 2. Telephone Interview Required—applicants meeting AV-ED’s requirements may be offered a position based on the resume and this telephone interview; 3. Availability required so as to participate in a scheduled (see above) one-day orientation prior to starting employment.


Comments:  Leesburg is located 11nm Northwest of Dulles International Airport.  Winchester is further west about 35 miles.  Offices of numerous regional airlines including Air Wisconsin, Mesa, Colgan, Republic and Piedmont are located within minutes of our operations.  We operate as both Part 61 and Part 141 and have a fleet of 33 aircraft including Diamond, Cessna, a variety of Pipers including an Arrow and a Seminole.  Our Cessna’s include the C162 Skycatcher, 172S G1000 aircraft and a C182T G1000.  We also have three simulators including a Frasca 142 and a full-motion Redbird.    A great place to instruct in a variety of top quality aircraft and to make contacts for your follow-on career move.