Ground Schools 

Our Ground Schools are located at the Leesburg Executive Airport, Tysons Corner in Vienna, VA and at the Winchester Regional Airport. Our Ground Schools provide quality aviation classroom training that prepares you for the FAA computerized "knowledge" tests and for flight training. AV-ED courses are taught by highly-qualified FAA-certificated ground and flight instructors.

Our course schedule provides the most popular courses eight times a year, with others available upon request. We also offer GPS seminars when we have at least 4 interested participants. GPS seminars cover system operation, using GPS onboard equipment, and flight plans using GPS.

We offer FAA computer testing, a convenient way to take the FAA knowledge test right after ground school. (Leesburg, Tysons Corner and Winchester)

(Includes Jeppesen Flight Kit, Video Access as appropriate, and Course Enrollment Services. Headsets available separately.)
SPORT PILOT / BOOKS $225 / $200
INSTRUMENT / BOOKS $385 / $183

    Three Convenient Locations:
  • Tysons Corner: 8298A Old Courthouse Road, Vienna, VA; (703) 237-2565
  • Leesburg: Leesburg Executive Airport, 1001 Sycolin Road SE, Leesburg, VA; (703) 777-9252
  • Winchester: Winchester Regional Airport, 615 Airport Road, Suite 101, Winchester, VA; (540) 542-1123

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