March 2017 Speak Out



Joe Mash - ATC Controller

Using the radio can be among the most stressful parts of the flight.  What does ATC want to hear from me and when?  What phraseology do I use?  Why does it take me so long to get my clearance?  When do I contact them?

Potomac Consolidated TRACON

Potomac Consolidated TRACON (PCT) provides air traffic control service to the Baltimore-Washington and the Richmond-Charlottesville Areas.  

PCT controls the airspace over Andrews, BWI, Ronald Reagan, Dulles, Richmond and many other area airports.

About the Speak Out

Meeting begins at SmokeHouse Live (KSHL) at 17:30.  Grab a favorite beverage, mingle and then grab some supper - dutch treat.  Activities typically begin around 18:30.  See you there.


Wednesday March 1st @ 17:30 

       Smokehouse Live
       Village at Leesburg        (571) 447-5483 




Founder and President, AV-ED Flight School

About Joe Mash

Joe has worked at PCT since 2006.  He initially worked on the eastern shore side (BWI) but now works the JYO / IAD / HEF side of things.  

Joe attended Embry Riddle where he received a bachelors degree in air traffic management and a minor in aviation safety.


Joe is also a licensed instrument rated pilot and holds a commercial rating.  Please join us in welcoming Joe to the AV-ED Pilots Club speak out.


Wednesday March 1st @ 17:30