Getting Started

Find the Pilot inside of You
Fying starts with a desire. Contact us to help you with a next step.

The Discovery Flight

AV-ED offers introductory discovery flights in each type of aircraft we have. Prices for these half-hour flights range from $139 to $149 in various types of aircraft used for primary training. A discovery flight is a great way to get acquainted with flying and get started on a wonderful adventure! AV-ED also offers a variety of gift certificates for flight and ground training.


Getting your License

Your FAA Private Pilot certificate allows you to take friends and family around the local area or out for scenic cross-country flights. Go for lunch at local airports, take a shortcut over traffic on the ground, or become a member of the Virginia Aviation Ambassadors program and collect stamps from around the state; lots of freedom and pleasure. You can even conduct your training while taking flights for business. Go to that next meeting location with an instructor and learn on the way!

Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO)

1001 Sycolin Road, Suite 3 Leesburg, VA 20175 (703) 777-9252 (703) 777-1439 (fax)

Winchester Regional Airport (OKV)

615 Airport Road, Suite 101 Winchester, VA 22602 (540) 542-1123 (540) 542-1124 (fax)